Jungle jungle is divided into three distinct areas so that even the youngest can explore in a safe and secure environment.

We have a large playframe for the older children pictured at the top , and an area that is specifically for the under 4's pictured in the middle and a junior playframe for the more adventurous young ones, pictured at the bottom.

Our philosophy is to provide affordable regular entertainment for families.

ENTRY PRICES - per child

Early bird before 10am Monday to Friday during term-time


After 10 am Monday to  Friday  during term-time            

                       Now only £5.50

Monday to Friday during the school holidays and all weekends throughout the year                                                   

                       Now only £6.50

Babies aged 9 months or below are FREE!!!

For other offers enter the Kids Zone to take advantage of our special discounted deals when you get all the questions right. Good Luck!!

Our new VIP loyalty scheme allows unlimited visits from only £17.00 per month (Terms and conditions apply) Just ask at reception.




All our cakes, sandwiches, and paninis are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, prepared on the premises. We provide squash for children to buy once, then top up free, for the duration of their stay. 

We do not fry any foods in our playground .

Take the jungle challenge and win a prize!
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